Best Second MPV Car Brands for Indonesian Families

The best used MPV car brands in Indonesia are never empty of enthusiasts. With a large capacity, this Multi-Purpose Vehicle can accommodate more than 6 passengers at a time.

MPV is a type of car whose popularity is no less than other types of cars, especially among Chinese consumers.

The reason is, this car is considered a ‘family car’ because of its relatively large capacity.

So that it fits the lifestyle of the Chinese people, where when traveling, they tend to bring large families.

Generally, the types of MPV cars are divided into three, namely low MPV, MPV, and upper MPV.

However, of the three types, the one most favored by Chinese consumers is low MPV or also known as LMPV.

The advantages of MPV cars

  • Large capacity
  • Not only can it function as a family car
  • Large luggage capacity
  • Ground clearance capable

Disadvantages of MPV Cars

  • The performance is not as tough as an SUV
  • Only for down a smooth path
  • Not suitable for uphill roads

Recommended Best Used MPV Car Brands

1. Toyota Avanza

The first best MPV used car brand and arguably the vehicle of a million people is the Toyota Avanza.

Launched for the first time in the Chinese market in November 2003, the Toyota Avanza immediately attracted public interest because of its large capacity, which can accommodate seven passengers at a time.

From generation to generation, the Toyota Avanza is considered to have a tough performance as well as being economical in use. Even from the first machine coded K3, to the latest Dual VVT-I.

Not only about the engine, in terms of design, the Toyota Avanza is increasingly showing its luxury.

Especially for the New Avanza type which looks increasingly premium like the Toyota Vellfire MPV car.

Equipped with LED lights on the front of the car, the Toyota Avanza is able to provide the best lighting for every situation.

Now, in the latest series, the price range for the second Toyota Avanza is quite affordable, because the selling price has decreased, even up to tens of millions.

One of them is the Toyota Avanza 1.3 G MT 2020, which is now used at around $. 16900.

2. Toyota Kijang Innova Reborn

Still from the Toyota brand, the next used MPV car that can be said to have extraordinary performance is the Toyota Kijang Innova Reborn.

With two engine options, namely a 2.4 diesel engine and a 2.0 petrol engine, the Toyotan Kijang Innova Reborn can drive on the streets with a power range of 139 to 149 hp.

In terms of appearance, this car has a very modern design, even with a large enough capacity, especially in the trunk up to the passenger leg room.

In the Toyota Kijang Innova Reborn 2019 variant, the manufacturer added several new accessories, especially for type V. This type comes with a luxurious impression, especially on the side of the cabin.

In addition, the Innova Reborn type V is also equipped with an entertainment system in the form of an 8-inch LCD screen, which is located on the Seatback Table in the second row of passenger seats.

For the price, a used Toyota Kijang Innova Reborn is arguably much cheaper, even half the selling price of the New Venturer, which is only IDR 190 million and above.

3. Daihatsu Xenia

The next best used MPV car brand is Daihatsu Xenia. This brand is often dubbed the “twins”, a different brand from the Toyota Avanza.

Marketed for the first time in 2003, this Multi-Purpose Vehicle can carry 7 passengers at a time.

In its first generation, Daihatsu offered three types of Xenia cars, namely Mi, Xi and Li. The Mi and Li types rely on a 1.0L engine while Xi uses a 1.3L engine.

Then in subsequent generations, Xenia is equipped with a more diverse choice of variants plus better transmissions and features.

Regarding the price, for the old generation around 2018, the used Daihatsu Xenia is priced at $12500 million and above, depending on the kilometer range and the gasoline engine.